What can you use a derma roller for?

Derma rollers are a handy device that contain a number of surgical-grade needles attached to a roller which are used for various skin treatment purposes.

Derma rollers are to be used very precisely and carefully under the instructions of a skin-doctor or dermatologist in order not to damage the surface of the skin.

How does the Derma Rollers work and What is it used for

The careful design of the needles in the roller work in a way that it penetrates through the outer core of the skin’s surface in order to allow ingredients to enter through and nourish the layer of the skin. However, it is not advised to use the rollers directly over active pimples or acne with force as there is a higher risk of acne spreading. Apart from this, the derma rollers have proved to be a trusted device with a very minimal risk of side effects or damage to the skin.

how to use a derma roller for acne scarsThere are various functions of the Derma Rollers for skin treatment as outlined below. – Firstly, people with hard and rough skins will benefit from these rollers as it helps to create micro-passages into the skin’s surface. This helps nourishing creams, essential Vitamins and water to penetrate into the skin and thus, this makes the skin shiny, moist and softer.

– It is an excellent treatment for Hair restoration as the micro-holes help in the absorption of Minoxidil.

– The rolling over the skin has various health benefits on its own such as the exfoliation of excess skin cells which are a leading cause of Hair-follicle malnutrition and failures.

– They also help to reduce scaring and premature aging together with removing wrinkles and stretch marks.

– A smooth cleansing of the dead cells on the skin and nourishing the supply of blood to the skin surface keeping the layer soft and active with less risks of cell-coating.

– With its patch removing ability, the Derma roller can also be used to remove dark-spots and eye pouches which help to brighten the skin by de-pigmentation.

How to use the Derma roller:

Before we go over the details, watch this video below, as it will teach you!

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– Gently clean the affected area of your skin with warm water.

– Use a derma roller smoothly over the surface of the skin as directed by the skin-doctor or dermatologist.

– Apply a skin-nourishing cream or medication over the affected area.

– Repeat the process over time – two or three times a week and conclude it with serum or moisturizing cream to avoid skin irritation.

If the derma rollers are used properly, an effective response can be obtained.