How to get skinny fast if you are 100 lbs overweight

Nobody can understand that when one is very fat, like 100 pounds overweight, just holding your body for only three minutes during a dance lesson, and sometimes even impossible, not mentioning running around the block, so for the next minutes you will be reading by how to get skinny fast tips.

Tips to get really skinny even if you are 100 lbs overweight

The common logic behind losing 100 pounds weight within a year and get really slim is as simple as losing 8 pounds every month which translates to losing two pounds every week. My video will guide you to a new skinny you!

In order to lose weight faster one should be prepared to lose at least two pounds per week. The tricky part is maintaining this rate throughout the year. It is possible to drop up to ten pounds in your first month in the quest to become skinny. It is important to note the rate may slow down and later pick up again. As one desperately tries to find out how to be thin, you need to change your attitude towards cardio.

In an attempt to find out how to get skinny legs, we should understand that there are two sides i.e. intake of calories and output during metabolism. It may appear easy to lose weight, but putting it into action is a different story altogether.

How do I get thin faster?

reduce calorie intake to get skinny fasterTry this to get slim quite fast. Reduce your caloric consumption. To other people it might be hard to identify wrong types of food, but to majority, it obvious. In your diet, make sure that about 30% calories comes from proteins, 50% from carbohydrates and the rest from fats.

For you to get answer to the question how do I get thin, simply drink a lot of water. This makes you drop up to 10 pounds. When you do exercise for about 30 minutes twice a day for a whole week, you will find yourself losing weight at an alarming rate. This twice a day performance will keep your metabolism high.


Lastly, your attitude will pay a very significant role. You need to change your attitude towards exercise, eating habits and health.