My 3 Week Diet Review and How The 3 Week Diet Program can help in weight loss

When I first bought the 3 week diet program to do the 3 week diet program review, I was pretty skeptical. Like many other programs on the internet, this one offered amazing results in a mind-boggling timeframe. Needless to say, I was totally astonished. How could any program offer such unbelievable results? Despite my skepticism, I decided to go ahead and purchase it. Now, here is my 3 week diet review:

What Does The 3 week diet program Include?

When you purchase the 3 week diet program, you will receive several ebooks (manuals). The first manual is the Introduction Manual, which includes details about the diet itself. You will find reassurances about the healthy aspects of the diet, as well as information about how the diet will affect your body.

The next is the Diet Manual, which includes a specific diet plan for the next 3 weeks. Each day is different. Also, there are diet plans tailored to different body types. Since I was hovering around the overweight mark, I decided to follow my own body type. The book itself is very well written and includes lots of pictorial representations for the reader to get a good idea of what to do and how to begin. There are detailed recipes in the book as well.

Then, there’s the workout manual. This includes different workout regimens that you must follow throughout the next 3 weeks. It’s grueling and certainly not easy. However, while my muscles ached for the first few days, I was soon able to get in to the groove.

The fourth manual is the mindset and motivation manual. Personally, I think this is very important. During the second week, I was on the verge of giving up. I was just so tired. However, the methods enlisted in the book helped me to maintain my resolve. Also, it comes with a money book guarantee in case you don’t lose a significant chunk of weight. All in all, I ended up losing around 15 pounds! The 3 week diet discount also knocks a few dollars off the price! More info on the 3 week diet program in here

How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

How to lose weight after pregnancy? Having a baby a being pregnant is wonderful, but how do you lose weight after pregnancy? It is only natural that after a long period of being pregnant you will desperately want your figure back to how it once was.

There is a problem, it can prove to be quite difficult to lose those extra pounds you have gained. I really recommend taking it easy at first, don’t rush into a stupid fad or starvation diet, this is just not healthy.

To start with forget about celebrity diets. Celebrities are surrounded by personal trainers and weight loss gurus which they pay thousands for. Many celebrities have media and commercial commitments to meet so their weight loss has to be fast. Due to fast weight loss this can be very un-healthy.

Eat healthily and take your time, let your body get over the last nine months! If you are breast feeding try not to cut down too much on the calories. Looking after a new baby can be stressful, and you will need your energy so eating the right foods and healthy foods is essential.

Your probably wondering how long will it take to get your body back to how it once was after pregnancy. It might sound obvious but it all depends on how much weight you put on during your pregnancy. The average weight gain is around 25-35 pounds, so it could take around 6 months to lose the weight after you have let your body recover after giving birth.

There are many women even after 6 months you just cannot shed the extra weight. Are you still overweight? Are you desperate to find a weight loss program that will work for you so you can finally shed your weight after pregnancy? Vist my Weight Loss Website and watch weight loss video here

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Recommended Foods to Increase Metabolism and Weight Loss

One of the most searched weight loss tips for women is what foods should women eat to lose weight fast. Going on diet is sometimes wrongly perceived as starving oneself for some time which discourages many women to lose their weight. Scientists have researched on how to lose weight fast and have proven that this can happen by eating certain foods that will indeed leave you feeling full yet ensure that you lose fat.

Nutritionists recommend a diet plan for women that promise that they will lose 5 pounds within a very short time by eating meals comprising of certain foods.

The foods that increase metabolism are

Whole eggs

Previously, eggs were not recommended for women trying to lose weight. They were thought to be very high in cholesterol but new studies have showed that eggs help lose 5 pounds when eaten during breakfast. They are very high in protein, which makes you feel full for up to 36 hours therefore ensuring that you eat nothing else.


Most weight loss tips highly recommend salmon due to its high protein content, iodine and omega-3 fatty acids. Iodine is vital for women because it helps the thyroid to function properly ensuring that there is optimal metabolism while omega-3 acids help reduce inflammation hence reducing chances of obesity.


how to lose 10 pounds in a week diet planFruits are great in helping you learn how to lose weight fast. People who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables are known to be healthier than people who don’t. Fruits help lose 5 pounds very fast as they are low in calories yet give you enough satiety to skip a meal. Every diet plan for women contains recommendations for a portion of fruits and vegetables. To learn the best foods for weight loss, go here

Cruciferous vegetables

A diet plan for women that contains these vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli is hated but this is undoubtedly one of the awesome tips on how to lose weight fast. They are high in fibre and low in protein therefore can be eaten alongside low calorie protein like salmon or tuna.

There are numerous weight loss tips around us every day but what is important is learning what is important for your body. Guidance for women from a trained nutritionist on what to eat especially when you have an underlying sickness is advised.

Tips for Managing binge eating disorder

Maintaining a healthy weight is possible if we can learn how to stop cravings and overcome binge eating disorder.

How to overcome binge eating disorder and free yourself from food addiction

Nutritionists and doctors are now taking the issue of binge eating seriously. A craving is a strong desire to consume a type of food. Cravings are often for unhealthy sweet or sour foods and snacks. Everyone has experienced a craving at one point in their lives. Binge eating is a condition where a person will frequently eat large amounts of food. This is not to be mistaken for a healthy appetite or the occasional over indulging during a party. Binge eaters will eat even after they feel uncomfortably full. Unlike in the case of Bulimia Nervosa, a binge eater will not force themselves to vomit or exercise after wards.

Most binge eaters will eat in secret because the condition embarrasses them. This often leads to depression as the person is often unable to deal with the feelings of guilt and shame. The condition is common in overweight or obese people. Food addiction is another condition that has gained acceptance in medical circles. It is a condition where a person will eat regularly, regardless of whether they feel hungry or not. It is related to compulsive eating where a person will eat at the slightest provocation. Emotional eaters are also categorized here. They eat as a coping mechanism to deal with various circumstances in their lives. To learn how to stop emotional eating, watch this

There are ways of dealing with eating disorders without giving up your favorite ice cream or burger. The first thing to do is to see a doctor. Some cravings are as a result of hormonal imbalances or organ malfunctions. After a medical condition is ruled out, the common approach used is to teach positive eating habits. This is often a combined venture between a psychologist and a nutritionist. The psychologist helps the person deal with stress, depression and any other anxiety disorder that will impair judgment.

how to stop binge eating disorderManaging a healthy balance is easier if good eating habits are taught early. Studies have shown that consumption of foods loaded with artificial sugars; trigger a brain reaction similar to the one drug addicts experience. Simply put, the secret to eating well is to start early in life and to mange the stress in your life.

The active doctors and nutritionist focuses on finding a healthy and acceptable balance to eating habits. It is important to maintain variety in your diet. It is also wise to eat during meal time as this will reduce extreme hunger pangs that could trigger over eating. Replace your unhealthy craving with a healthy food that is similar in taste. A good example is replacing ice cream with frozen yogurt. Indulge in the food you crave occasionally so that you don’t feel like you have been handed a life sentence.

How to get skinny fast if you are 100 lbs overweight

Nobody can understand that when one is very fat, like 100 pounds overweight, just holding your body for only three minutes during a dance lesson, and sometimes even impossible, not mentioning running around the block, so for the next minutes you will be reading by how to get skinny fast tips.

Tips to get really skinny even if you are 100 lbs overweight

The common logic behind losing 100 pounds weight within a year and get really slim is as simple as losing 8 pounds every month which translates to losing two pounds every week. My video will guide you to a new skinny you!

In order to lose weight faster one should be prepared to lose at least two pounds per week. The tricky part is maintaining this rate throughout the year. It is possible to drop up to ten pounds in your first month in the quest to become skinny. It is important to note the rate may slow down and later pick up again. As one desperately tries to find out how to be thin, you need to change your attitude towards cardio.

In an attempt to find out how to get skinny legs, we should understand that there are two sides i.e. intake of calories and output during metabolism. It may appear easy to lose weight, but putting it into action is a different story altogether.

How do I get thin faster?

reduce calorie intake to get skinny fasterTry this to get slim quite fast. Reduce your caloric consumption. To other people it might be hard to identify wrong types of food, but to majority, it obvious. In your diet, make sure that about 30% calories comes from proteins, 50% from carbohydrates and the rest from fats.

For you to get answer to the question how do I get thin, simply drink a lot of water. This makes you drop up to 10 pounds. When you do exercise for about 30 minutes twice a day for a whole week, you will find yourself losing weight at an alarming rate. This twice a day performance will keep your metabolism high.


Lastly, your attitude will pay a very significant role. You need to change your attitude towards exercise, eating habits and health.

Tips for skinny women with big arms to lose arm fat easily

People have different types of body, some like theirs others do not feel comfortable in their current state and look for ways and means to become fit. Some people are skinny and desire to add weight while others are fat and need to loose some weight. This article focuses on how to lose arm fat for women who are skinny and only their arms are big.

Ways for losing arm fat fast

In order to lose arm fat, there are certain things a lady should do. This is not a long process and someone can have great arms for summer. First and foremost one should check the calories intake. Calories are the ones which make us become fat. The more calories one takes, the more fat builds around the arms. If you can cut down the calorie intake then you will reduce arm fat. This is not necessary by skipping meals but eating quality foods at right proportions. In the market there are some products that help in fat loss. This is not usually safe but you can explore the safe ones available in the markets.

The second thing to do is to improve your hydration. Doctors propose that one should have eight litres in day but few peoples do that. When you stay well hydrated it means that your arms will have more muscles and water contents as opposed to more fatty mass.

Exercises and loss of arm fats or any other body fats go hand in hand. Exercises and work outs help to burn fat on arms. Workouts should focus on the biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. If you are lifting weights, lift what you are comfortable with to avoid unnecessary injuries.

If some feels she is able, she can opt for surgical removal of the fats. There are specialists who can do minor surgery and get you rid of excess arm fats. It comes at cost though.

From the above tips, it is possible for ladies who are skinny but have big hands due to fats get a solution and will have great arms for summer. learn more here

How Long Would it Take A Woman to Lose 20 Pounds in A Healthy Way?

For many women, weight loss is an ongoing challenge with many ups and downs. While most women want to look and feel good, it is not always easy for many to reach and then maintain a healthy weight. Many times, in the impatience to lose weight fast, women resort to unhealthy methods, such as starving themselves, which are more harmful to health than beneficial.

Let’s say your goal is to lose 20 pounds and you are wondering how long it will take to drop 20 lbs fast but at the same time in a healthy way. Well, the answer is, there is no fixed time.

Length of time for losing 20 pounds

lose 20 pounds fast for women

It is normal for losing 20 pounds to depend on what you eat…

It all depends on the individual and the lifestyle and diet changes they make, as well as factors such as body structure and starting weight. For someone who already has an active lifestyle, losing 20 pounds may be easier and faster than for someone who does not already have an active lifestyle, even if they incorporate exercise routines into their weight loss plan.

Also, the type of foods you eat and the diet you follow will play a role in how fast you end up losing 20 pounds. Keep in mind many times, small changes can go a long way, such as changes to food portions and how you spend your free time.

It can take anywhere, from a few weeks to a few months to drop 20 lbs the healthy way. The healthiest way to lose weight is to make lifestyle changes including changes to diet and ensure there is an increase in physical activity, to obtain the goal of losing 20 pounds.

The rate at which you lose 20 pounds can also depend on how heavy you are to start with. Women who are heavier would lose 20 pounds faster than those women who are less heavy. When trying to reach weight loss goals, the most important thing is to try to attain them in a healthy way rather than being in a hurry to reach your ultimate weight and in turn take unhealthy decisions to reach that weight faster.

How to Get Rid of Love Handles and reduce stomach fat For Women

Many women find that they would like to lose stomach fat because they have developed love handles. It can be very frustrating to target these areas while working out and women often get discouraged when they don’t see the results they want on their stomach area. However, with simple three step approach, you can get rid of love handles once and for all.

Few tricks to help you get rid of love handles and lose stomach fat

Cardio can be a great way to get rid of stomach fat.

Any good exercise program has a foundation based in cardiovascular exercises. These exercises, such as walking/running on the treadmill, using the elliptical, or riding a stationary bike all are meant to elevate your heart rate for an extended amount of time. An elevated heart rate is the key to burning calories and losing weight.

how to lose belly fat and get rid of love handlesCardio may not seem like it will help you lose belly fat, but it will. People store fat differently. Some store it in the butt or legs, while others store it around their stomach, often developing love handles. Cardio will help you lose total body fat, thus helping you lose belly fat and get rid of the love handles. The photo is a result of cardio and more fat loss tips which can be seen in this url:

Weight Lifting is another great way to burn calories and burn fat around your stomach.

When people hear “weight lifting”, they think about huge bodybuilders in the gym. But doing simple exercises like arm curls, overhead press, and squats are a great way to tone your body and lose stubborn belly fat at the same time. Core exercises such as crunches, planks, and Russian twists are great ways to strengthen your abdominal muscles and eliminate belly fat.

Eating Healthy and going below 1200 calories per day is a sure way to lose belly fat and reduce love handles.

All the exercise in the world will not help you get rid of your love handles if you are not also eating healthy. Some tricks to help you eat healthy are: – eat five smaller meals a day to avoid getting hungry in between the normal three meal schedule – eliminate most but not all of your favorite unhealthy snacks (having a few snacks can help you stick to your diet) – do not eat a meal past 8 p.

Best exercises for losing 50 pounds in 2 months

Our society is obsessed with losing pounds, so because everybody wants to know it, in this article, we will show you some exercises to lose 50 pounds in 2 months. Watch the video below first!

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Every time we turn on the television, we are flooded with commercials and infomercials about a new weight reduction system. Or a new diet tablet intended to enable men and women to get rid of body fat like never before. If you want guaranteed results, and lose 50 lbs easily by following a precise routine, watch the video above  because it belongs to a woman who actually did lose weight. To watch it on youtube =>

The weight loss supplements you need for losing 50 pounds fast

In my opinion, you need supplements in order to help in weight loss. So, the video bellow is all about Garcinia Cambogia, buying guidelines,  how it can help you lose weight and how to get 60% OFF on it!

Best Exercises for losing 50 lbs in 60 days

exercises to lose 50 pounds for womenUnfortunately, none of them perform in the extended expression. To begin on tips on how to exercise to lose 50 pounds in 2 months for women, the pounds will get off genuinely fast. But as quickly as you prevent getting the capsules or go off the diet, the excess weight arrives back on. And in most instances, you gain even additional. Choosing the exercise for losing the weight is not a difficult task, but choosing the best and efficient exercise is very important.

Cardio and non Cardio both the exercises are efficient in the breakdown of your fat. 

It’s a far better idea to do a exercise regularly rather than restricting your diet. A healthy meal plan along with the exercise is very effective in losing the weight as well as overall health. Choosing the right and best exercises to lose weight contributes in making you physically and mentally strong.You no longer need to feel envious of your female colleagues perfect body shape. 

Exercises tips on how to exercise to lose 50 pounds in 2 months for women: 

Choose your favorite game, sport or activity and turn it as one of your best exercise: As you don’t have enough time to join a gym and don’t know which exercise is best for you, then choosing your favorite outdoor game or a sport or an activity is a far better idea. Sticking to an exercise which you didn’t enjoy, you won’t be able to make it continue. Choose the fun game like dancing, skipping or even different moments can help you to burn the extra fat and calories. 

A few kilometers morning walk or regular jogging or running exercises will help you to shed the weight without any Cardio exercise.

Multi-joint and a regular set of two or three exercises continuously can prove to be very effective. 

Cycling: Cycling is proving to be a genuine method to burn calories, hence losing the weight. 

Swimming: Swimming is considered as the best way to lose weight and in addition strengthen the muscles as well.

Yoga: Yoga is a great way to reduce the stress and loosen the weight. Women’s those who are working or even house wives can make a habit of doing the yoga regularly. Enjoy the benefits offered by this natural therapy.

Doing massages at home to get rid of cellulite

To learn more about doing massages at home to get rid of cellulite, just watch the video below!

Cellulite massage brushes are the cheapest way to break down fat deposits from your trouble spots and if you care about how your body looks you should really use the link above to order yours!

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